Arra 32 Mystic Dream

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Arra 32 is a large-berried black seedless grape with a narrow ellipsoid shape. The skin colour is a dense blue-black with peel that is thin and not particularly noticeable on biting, with no bitterness. The flesh has a gentle crisp-crunchy texture and is very juicy, with good levels of sweetness, though with minimal flavour.

Growers are attracted to Arra 32 as a very fertile late-season alternative to Autumn Royal (in fact 15 days later), which hangs very well on the vine. It has medium chill requirements, and can grow in the Tropics.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Customers will enjoy Arra 32 for its large berries, sweetness, extraordinary juiciness and gentle crisp-crunchy texture.

Firm, juicy, sweet

Names: Arra 32; Arrathirtytwo; USPP27533; Mystic Dream

Origin: Arra 32 is a product of the ARD LLC Breeding Project, a subsidiary of Giumarra Vineyards Corporation in Bakersfield, California. The variety was created from a cross between BAR1, the female parent, and 35-22+4, the male parent. Arra 32 was first transplanted in 2010.The US plant patent was granted in September, 2015.

Grown in: California, Brazil, Greece, Italy, South Africa

Harvest & Availability: In San Joaquin, California, Arra 32 is generally ready for harvest in late August.

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1 review for Arra 32 Mystic Dream

  1. Nitin R Thakare

    Looks promising veriery. In Indian market it will definitely create a room.

    • Nick Ball

      Hi Nitin,
      Mystic Dream / Arra 32 is a good variety from Greece where it is sweet, plump and had a very juicy centre. I have recently tried it from Namibia and South Africa and was disappointed as it was low in sweetness and offered nothing to attract a consumer to return. I’m sure this was probably due to harvest at the wrong time, or new vines, but it emphasises the pointy that even the best varieties can be disappointing it not in peak condition.
      Nick Ball

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