Smerelda (Lilibet)

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Lilibet is a green coloured apple with a pale green background and, occasionally, a blocky pale orange-red blush. The skin is very smooth, often with small lenticels visible and is slightly noticeable on chewing. The green-yellow creamy flesh is firm without being particularly crisp, having a more blocky crunch. It is a sweet apple with muted acids and, in early samples from supermarkets, without an exceptional flavour.

Lilibet is a mid-season variety, being harvested 30 days before Granny Smith. One of its key attributes for growers is Scab resistance.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: **

Lilibet is an alternative green apple to Granny Smith with sweet, firm flesh and a pleasant, though unexceptional eating qualities.

Green skin, sweet, firm

Names: Lilibet®; Smerelda; Sweet Resistant®

Origin: Smeralda® is a variety resulting from the breeding program of the C.I.V. (Centro Innovazione Varietale®), Italy in 2010. The US Plant Patent was granted in January 2013.

Grown in: UK, Italy

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CIV Italy – Smeralda

1 review for Smerelda (Lilibet)

  1. Nik

    Beautiful Apple. A firm bite, not as firm as granny smith and not as tart either. Much sweeter and really enjoyable. One of my favourites.

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