Sanguinelli is a pigmented ‘blood’ orange. It has an attractive red-pigmented rind which is very smooth and of medium thickness with a quite leathery texture. This makes for relative difficulty in peeling, often with some albedo being left behind on the segments. The flesh may not as pigmented as the rind, but it has a classic ‘blood orange’ flavour, with good sweetness levels and an acid tang, particularly in the earlier-harvested fruit.

Sanguinelli is a late mid-season orange.

Sanguinelli should not be confused with the Sanguinello, a light blood orange from Italy.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Sanguinelli is a beautiful orange which will please consumers looking for flavour and some tanginess, which declines in the latter part of the season.

Pigmented, sweet, tangy

Names: Sanguinelli

Origin: Sanguinelli is the result of a natural bud mutation on a Doble Fina tree, which was found in 1929 in Almenara, Castellón, Spain.

Grown in:  Spain

Harvest & Availability: In Spain, Sanguinelli matures in January.

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