The Midknight orange is very similar to a Valencia Late. The trees are slower growing, but produce larger fruit with a good round shape. The peel is very smooth giving it an attractive appearance. The fruit has excellent juice content with higher sugar levels than standard Valencia Lates, though there is a little more ‘rag’ to the segments, which are therefore marginally more chewy. Midknight oranges are virtually seedless. The variety matures slightly earlier than a standard Valencia.

Midknight Seedless is very good all-round orange for sweetness, flavour and juice content.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Names: Midknight; Midknight Valencia; Midknight Summer Orange; plu 3036, 3155, 3156

Origin: The exact origin of Midknight is unknown, but the first tree was noticed by A. P. Knight in a Valencia orchard in Summerville, Addo, Eastern Cape, South Africa in 1927. It was not until the 1970’s that the potential for the variety was starting to be realised. The name represents mid-season and A.P. Knight.

Grown in: Mainly grown in South Africa; also in Australia.

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