Ruby (Rose)(Florida Pink) Grapefruit

Ruby Red is a pink-fleshed grapefruit with some blush to the peel. It is the predominant variety in Florida and Texas, and has the same excellent eating quality as Marsh Seedless. The Florida-grown fruit is particularly known for its thin skin and excellent flavour with masses of juice and sweetness: as near irresistible as a grapefruit can get.

As Florida is a moist tropical environment, the fruit is often affected by Melanose, a fungal disease. This is manifest as tiny black spots on the skin, and is entirely cosmetic, with no effect on internal quality. Supermarkets have, over the years, demanded Florida Pink to be as clean as possible, which is not really necessary and  will have an effect on the price.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

Even consumers averse to grapefruit will enjoy a good Florida Pink for its sweetness and high juice content.

Juicy, sweet, flavoursome.

Names: Ruby; Ruby Red, Tropical Ruby, Redblush; Florida Pink; Rose (Southern Africa)

Origin: Ruby Red originated from Pink Marsh (aka Thompson), which itself came from a chance sport on a Marsh Seedless tree, hence the similarity with Marsh Seedless in all but colour. Ruby was discovered in Texas and released as a variety in 1934.

Grown in: Florida, Texas, South Africa, Swaziland, Israel. In new plantings, Ruby Red is being superseded by more modern red-pigmented varieties, such as Star Ruby and Flame.

Harvest & Availability:

  • January: Florida
  • February: Florida
  • March: Florida
  • April: Florida
  • May:
  • June: Swaziland, South Africa
  • July: Swaziland, South Africa
  • August: Swaziland, South Africa
  • September: Swaziland, South Africa
  • October: Florida
  • November: Florida
  • December: Florida



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