Alizza Fruit

Alizza Fruit looks much like a grapefruit in shape and size as it has the classic round, flattened appearance and is broader than deep. The skin texture also has the firm feel of a grapefruit with slight dimples and a sense of a relatively thick skin. Indeed, the skin thickness of the fruit is similar to that of a thick-skinned grapefruit, with similar peelability. Comparisons with grapefruit end here though, as the colour, flavour and eating quality are quite uniquely different. The skin colour is more orange than pink or yellow, while the seedless flesh is an attractive and distinct pale orange. Removing the skin is far easier than that of a pomelo but is best done by scoring the peel with the tip of a knife and carefully removing strips with as much pith as possible. There is some depth to the pithy albedo, but it is quite easy to remove to reveal the segments. The segments are large and fleshy, with bold, firm juice vesicles, and it is the sumptuous nature of these that is unique to the fruit. The first impression is of an abundance of attractive, yellow-orange, juicy kernels. Then, as they burst in the mouth, a tangy sharpness hits with an intense flavour of pummelo followed by lovely sweetness and hints of the fragrance of mandarins.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Alizza Fruit is a unique citrus experience and offers an excellent opportunity to savour the flavour and texture of pummelo without the difficult peeling process.

Flavoursome, peelable, satisfying

Names: ALIZZA FruitTM; Alizza Fruit; Alizza

Origin: Israel. Alizza is mandarin x pummelo hybrid developed at the Volcani Institute in Israel. The variety is managed exclusively by Genesis Innovation and cultivated in Spain by AM FRESH Group. The fruit was named in honour of Aliza Vardi, the Israeli scientist who was regarded as one of the best breeders of citrus varieties (including Orri). Initial sales of Alissa Fruit from Spain were undertaken in 2022 in three supermarket chains: Marks & Spencer (UK), Edeka (Germany) and Eroski (Spain).

Grown in: Israel, Spain

Harvest & Availability: Harvest of Alizza fruit in Spain is between December and March.

  • January:                   Israel, Spain
  • February:                 Israel, Spain
  • March:                     Israel, Spain
  • April:
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:               Israel, Spain


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