Jackson is a white grapefruit variety with a quite different flavour to the more common White Marsh Seedless.  The fruit is sweet and juicy with a hint of tropical lime in the flavour.  The level of bitterness is low compared to the usual tanginess of Marsh Seedless.  The fruit is more round in shape than a Marsh and has a slightly smoother peel. Jackson grapefruit can be peeled and eaten like an orange as the normal bitterness of grapefruit (caused by naringin) is reduced.  Jackson Low Seeded (LS) is a further selection of Jackson.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Jackson is a very enjoyable grapefruit, which will particularly appeal to consumers who dislike the bitterness of standard garpefruit.

Sweet, tropical flavour, juicy

Names: Jackson; Jackson LS Sweet Sunrise; Sweet Sunrise TM

Origin: Jackson is a seedless budsport of Triumph, discovered in South Africa.  Jackson LS Sweet Sunrise TM is a branch mutation of Jackson discovered in the orchards of Ferdi Esselen in Karino, nr Nelspruit, South Africa.  This variety is protected by Plant Breeders Rights.  The first marketing of the variety in Europe took place in 2011 through Waitrose supermarkets.

Grown in: Probably best adapted to the hot, humid, summer-rainfall lowveld of Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, and in Swaziland.

Harvest & Availability: Jackson is a slightly later variety than Marsh Seedless, by approximately 3 weeks.

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Citrogold, South Africa
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