Rockit are small, bi-coloured apples with a small core.

Rockit apples are sold in fibreboard or clear plastic tubes like tennis balls, 3 to 6 per tube.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Names: PremA96; Rockit; Baby Rockit

Origin: Plant & Food Research and Prevar in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand developed the variety through cross breeding. Its original name was PremA96, with the name Rockit being given as a club variety by Havelock North Fruit Company for licencing and marketing purposes. The variety was specifically bred to produce small size fruit with good internal quality characteristics: ideal as a snack.

Grown in: New Zealand, Australia, UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, USA.


  • September: UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, USA
  • March: New Zealand, Australia

Availability: Sales of Rockit in UK are as follows:

  • January: Europe
  • February: Europe
  • March: Europe
  • April: Europe
  • May: Europe, New Zealand
  • June: New Zealand
  • July: New Zealand
  • August: New Zealand
  • September: Europe
  • October: Europe
  • November: Europe
  • December: Europe


Rockit NZ


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