Pinova (Piñata)


Pinova in a relative new-comer to grocery shelves. It is a vibrantly coloured apple having an attractive pink-red stripped blush over a pale yellow background. The fruit has a high sugar – high acid flavour profile giving a good balance of acidity and sweetness and, some say, a ‘tropical’ aroma, though others think that the taste reflects one of the parents: Cox’s Orange Pippin.  It also has good juice levels and the thin skin and shape are slightly reminiscent of another parent, Golden Delcious.

Pinova has good resistance to mildew and scab, so is popular as an organic apple variety.

Also known as Sonata, Piñata or Corail. Piñata is the marketing name used in the USA where it is grown under licence by Stemilt Growers, Washington State.

Origin: Pinova is a cross between Clivia (itself a cross of Cox’s Orange Pippin and Duchess of Oldenburg) and Golden Delicious. The result of nearly two decades of development by Johann Schmadlak, Heinz Murawski, Christa Fischer, and Manfred Fischerat at the Fruit Research Institute, Dresden-Pillnitz, Germany. Introduced in 1986.

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