Princess is a late-maturing mango with fibreless, creamy flesh, a good flavour and a red-blushed skin. It is a new variety which is attracting plenty of interest because it can extend a mango season by 3 to 6 weeks – very significant.It can also be picked at 80% internal maturity which allows good time for transportation to markets.

Origin: Princess is the result of a cross between Haden and an unidentified parent, possibly Keitt, made by Richard Alphick on his farm near Malelane in the NE lowfeld of South Africa. The patent for mango variety TFE 02 (Princess) was published in October 2005 after 15 years of development.

Grown in: Small commercial plantings of Princess have been established in Australia, Peru and Puerto Rico, as well as South Africa. Trial plantings are in Egypt and Brazil.

Harvest & Availability:
Harvest in South Africa: end January to end April

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