Kasturi is a small, round mango with a beautiful red-orange blushed appearance. Kasturi has deep yellow flesh which is quite firm and virtually fibreless. It has a good fragrant spicy mango flavour and a high level of sweetness.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Kasturi is often sold in UK as a premium mango, and holds its place due to good sweetness and silky flesh.

Silky, firm, sweet.

Names: Kasturi, Kalimantan; Mangifera casturi

Origin: Kasturi may have originated in a very small area around Banjarmasin in Southern Borneo, Indonesia where is it called Kalimantan or Kasturi. The variety was endemic to the region, but is now extinct as a wild population. (To be verified).

Grown in: Israel, Borneo (?), Australia

Harvest & Availability: Availability of Kasturi in UK is generally as follows:

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  • August: Israel
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