Sindhri is the most famous of Pakistan’s mango varieties, often referred to as the Honey mango – the national fruit of Pakistan. This is an incredibly delicate fruit with a deep yellow thin peel and a distinct elongated and pointed curved shape. The flesh is also deep yellow, soft and melting and with such knock-your-socks-off incredible sweetness and flavour. Not to be missed.

Ripeness: Due to its delicate nature, Sindhri needs care on purchasing, and needs to be eaten within a 2-3 days. Look for fruit that are uniform in appearance, without bruise or excessive soft spots: a certain amount of shrivel to the skin is fine as this indicates good ripeness. The mango should be eaten when the tenderness is obvious through the thin skin, which should become a deep matt yellow.

The best tasting fruit also have a deep yellow-orange flesh. If the fruit has been picked slightly immature for sea-freight, the flesh may be slightly more pale yellow in colour and the taste more acidic and less sweet.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

Sindhri is a wonderfully sweet mango: a real treat that is not to be missed during its short season.

Sweet, flavoursome, sumptuous

Names: Sindhri

Origin: Mir Pur Khas

Grown in: Pakistan

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