Allison is a seedless variety of red table grape. The berries are medium to large in size, with a round to slightly ellipsoid shape. The colour is a deep pink-red. The skin is detectable on biting, but it is not detrimental to the eating experience. The flesh is crisp and firm, though can be quite soft depending on origin. The fruit has good levels of sweetness, and can have a distinct acid background, depending on maturity at harvest.

Allison Seedless is a late season grape, harvested 9 weeks later than Flame; 2-3 weeks later than Crimson.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

From the best sources, Allison is a good red seedless grape with decent levels of sweetness and excellent crisp texture.

Sweet, balanced, crisp.

Names: Sheegene 20; Allison Seedless; USPP23125

Origin: Allison Seedless is a product of Sheehan Genetics, LLC, Portervile, California. It is the result of a cross between Princess and Red Globe in the spring of 2000. The variety was awarded a US patent in October, 2012.

Grown in: USA, South Africa, Spain, Italy

Availability & Harvest: Harvest in San Joaquin Valley, California is in late August.  Sales in UK:

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  • February: South Africa
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