Katinka is an very early ‘European’ plum. The fruit is an oval shape of small to medium size. The skin is a purple-blue which darkens as the fruit matures and softens. The flesh is soft and green and stone detaches easily. Flavour is attractive, but mild, with good levels of sweetness and juice.

Growers are attracted to Katinka as a very early variety with good productivity.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Katinka will be enjoyed as a mild and succulent plum and one of the earliest ‘European’ plums on the market. It is also good for cooking.

Mild, succulent, sweet.

Names: Katinka

Origin: Katinka is the result of a cross between Ortenauer x Ruth Gerstetter (in Germany).

Grown in: UK, Germany

Harvest & Availability: Harvest takes place in mid to late July.

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