Edda is a European-type plum with a slightly round or oval shape. It has a good size, approximately 30g per fruit, an attractive dark blue to blue-brown colouration and a deep waxy bloom. The pale yellow flesh is fine in texture and sweet and aromatic to taste. The stone is easily removed.

Growers will be attracted to Edda for its early harvest, reliability and high quality fruit. Edda is not self-fertile and is classed in flowering group 2.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Edda is a lovely, high quality, early season plum with a fine, sweet and aromatic taste.

Names: Edda; Prunus domestica ‘Edda’

Origin: Edda was developed at the Njøs research station in Leikanger, Sogn, Norway. It is the result of a number of crosses between Czar x Prune Peche conducted in the 1950’s, from which the variety was selected. The first release of the variety was in 1970.

Grown in: UK, Norway and other northern European countries

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in UK is generally from late July, and in Norway from mid August.

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