Victoria is a European-type plum. It produces medium to large fruit and has an elongated shape.  The thin, smooth skin has a mottled yellow to red/purple skin colour.  It is a yellow-fleshed fruit which is soft, sweet, juicy and irresistible when properly mature.  The flavour and sweetness are at their best when the fruit has attained a darker colouration and is tender to touch.

Unfortunately, retailers often sell Victoria plums when they are slightly immature because the ripe fruit is so tender: perhaps the best place to buy is on street markets in peak season, or grow your own (very easy), or pick you own.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Victoria is probably the favourite variety of the UK, certainly the best-known.

Soft, sweet, tasty.

Names: Victoria

Origin: Victoria plums can be traced to Alderton, Sussex, UK in the 1840’s.

Grown in: UK, Sweden

Harvest & Availability: In UK, Victoria plums are harvested from mid August to mid September.

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