Junami (Milwa)(Diwa)

Junami is a bi-coloured apple with deep Burgundy red blush over a white-yellow background. The shape is round and the fruit is medium in size. The skin is smooth with numerous light lenticels and is slightly chewy on eating. The creamy-white flesh is quite spongy and dense, almost sqeaky, though has a fairly light and attractive texture with plenty of juice. The flavour is described as perfumed, and certainly has a resemblance to Elstar, one of its parents. The skin can become mildly sticky with maturity.

Growers are attracted Junami due to its long storage potential, derived from its Idared parentage; its resistance to diseases such as Scab and Canker; and its reliable yield and good colouring attributes.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Junami is an attractive variety with good acid balance and a texture that is not too hard.

Tasty, sweet, balanced

Names: Milwa; Junami®; Diwa®

Origin: Milwa is the result of a cross between Idared x Maigold which was then crossed with Elstar. The cross was made in 1982 at the Research Institute Agroscope in Switzerland. Commercial release of the variety occurred in about 2005. The marketing name for Milwa in Switzerland is Diwa®, and in the rest of Europe is Junami®.

Grown in: Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, UK

Harvest & Availability: In Europe, Junami is harvested from mid-September, similar to Golden Delicious.

  • January:                    UK, Holland, Belgium
  • February:                 UK, Holland, Belgium
  • March:                      UK, Holland, Belgium
  • April:                         UK, Holland, Belgium
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:              UK, Holland, Belgium
  • December:               UK, Holland, Belgium


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