Worcester Pearmain


Worcester Pearmain is one of England’s main early-mid-season apples. The flavour and texture are quite unique, but the quality does not hold for long, so the marketing season has traditionally been quite short. However, with advances in control of ripening, Worcester is now available for a longer period.

The fruit has white/yellow flesh which has a satisfying crunch and a rather unusual slight sponginess.  The flavour is attractive with good levels of sweetness, often said to have hints of strawberry.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Worcester is a lovely apple with flavour that will not be found in modern varieties.

Tasty, sweet, flavoursome.

Names: Worcester; Worcester Pearmain

Origin:  Worcester, England, 1870’s.

Grown in:  UK

Harvest & Availability:  Harvest of Worcester in UK is generally in September, occasionally in late August.

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