Jubileum is a red-purple European-type plum with small brown spots and a green-yellow background.  It is similar to Victoria, but slightly larger and darker. It is a good eating and culinary plum with a slight tang to balance the sweetness.   Jubileum is said to be equal to Victoria as an eating plum.

Jubileum is a mid-season plum, slightly earlier than Victoria.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Jubileum is a lovely, sweet, soft European-type plum.

Soft, sweet, succulent.

Names: Jubileum; Jubilee.

Origin: Jubileum resulted from a cross between Giant x Yakima and was bred by SLU Balsgård in Sweden in 1985. The variety was launched in UK in 1988.

Grown in: UK, Northern Europe.

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