Cotton Candy (IFG19)


Cotton Candy is a seedless green grape that has become famous for its distinctive candy floss or toffee flavour. It has medium to large, oval seedless berries which have quite a soft texture. The skin is moderately thin and is very slightly chewy, though without bitterness. The berries can be an attractive amber colour if exposed to sunlight on the vine.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

Cotton Candy is a wonderfully sweet and flavoursome variety which lives up to its name: almost like eating sweets without the sugar.

Very sweet, Candy floss, soft

Names: Cotton Candy; Candy Floss; IFG Seven; IFG7

Origin: IFG Seven was bred by Horticulturist David Cain for International Fruit Genetics, in Bakersfield, California. It is the result of a hand pollinated cross of the A2674 selection (an unnamed interspecific Vitis selection received under contract from the University of Arkansas) and Princess in May 2003; selected as a single plant in July 2005, and was first propagated in December 2005 near Delano, Kern County, California.

Grown in: South Africa; Chile; Brazil; California; Mexico; Egypt; Spain.

Harvest & Availability: Berries ripen in approximately mid-August in Delano California. Supplies to UK come from:

  • January:                   South Africa
  • February:                 South Africa, Chile
  • March:                     South Africa, Chile
  • April:                        Chile
  • May:                         Chile
  • June:
  • July:                          Egypt
  • August:                     Egypt, Spain
  • September:              Spain
  • October:                   Spain
  • November:              Brazil
  • December:               Brazil


Cotton Candy – IFG website

IFG 7 – US Plant Patent



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