Kelly (Sheegene 18)

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Kelly is a green seedless grape with medium to large berries. The shape is round to slightly elongate (ovate), and the skin is pale, almost translucent green which graduates to straw coloured with maturity. The skin offers very little resistance on biting, but can be detected on chewing and can produce a slight astringency. The berry texture on biting is light and crisp with good amounts of juice, while the taste sensation is primarily of high levels of honeyed sweetness (17-19obrix), often with a mild muscat flavour.

Kelly is a mid to late season grape, harvesting 2 to 5 weeks after Thompson Seedless.

Growers are attracted to the variety for the excellent quality berries, its productivity and good shipping qualities, including a long storage potential of up to 6 weeks.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Kelly is a lovely, attractive grape with high levels of sweetness and a wonderful texture.

Sweet, crisp, juicy.

Names: KellyTM; Sheegene 18; USPP 2013/0269072 P1

Origin: Sheegene 18 is a product of the extensive breeding programmes of Sheeghan Genetics, part of SNLF Group. It is the result of a cross between Princess x Red Globe. The asexual propagation of the variety was conducted by Timothy Sheehan in 2000 and was first planted as root cuttings in 2007 near Delano, California. The US plant patent for Sheegene 18 was granted in October 2013. KellyTM is the marketing name for Sheegene 18, owned by the SNFL Group.

Grown in: Spain, Italy, Peru, Chile, USA

Harvest & Availability: Kelly is harvested in early September in the San Joaquin Valley of central California. Availabilty in the UK is as follows:

  • January:
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  • October:                   Spain
  • November:              Spain
  • December:


Kelly – SNLF Group

Sheegene 18 – US plant Patent


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