K2 Mango Tropical (Grango)

K2 Mango is very unusual grape variety with bicoloured berries: some red, some green and some mixed. The flavour is extraordinary with hints of passionfruit, but also with a good sweet/tart balance. The texture is unlike most modern grape varieties being almost meaty, quite dense but lacking any crunch. Berries are round and of medium size.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

K2 Mango is not to everyone’s taste as it can be quite variable, but at its best it has extraordinary flavour and a lovely soft, juicy texture which many will find very attractive.

Soft, exotic, sweet tang

Names: K2, Mango, Grango, Mango Tropical

Origin: Grango was developed by Enrique Moya, in Totana, Murcia, Spain. It was first sold in UK by M&S in 2012.

Grown in: Spain

Harvest & Availability: As a relatively new variety, volumes are limited.

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