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Cabaret is bicoloured apple which is often almost entirely covered with a deep red blush. The peel is smooth and has quite prominent yellow lenticels. It is round to round conical in shape. On biting into the apple, there is a nice crack as the peel breaks, and an enjoyable rush of sweet juice filling the mouth. Sweet and juicy, with lightly crisp flesh is the overriding impression, followed by some chewiness to the peel.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Cabaret is a lovely sweet apple with crisp, unchallenging flesh.

Sweet, juicy, irresistible.

Names: Cabaret; Nuvar®NC3

 Origin: Cabaret originated from an open-pollinated cross between Saturn x Braeburn conducted in 1999 by Dalival, France. The variety was developed in the UK by J. R. Breach and entered commercial sales in 2016 as an exclusive variety for Tesco through Avalon Produce Ltd.

 Grown in: UK, France

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1 review for Cabaret

  1. Nick Ball

    Cabaret is very sweet without being too Saccharine, and the flesh is relatively soft, but still with a crack on biting.

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