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Bursa is a medium to large black fig. It is an excellent fresh fig variety with a deliciously honey-like flavour when really tender and mature. With its dark purplish-black colouration, the fruit is ripe when a velvety tenderness can be detected on gentle touch.

Buying Bursa Figs: Due to harvesting slightly early to ensure shelf-life in transit, it is important to be selective when buying Bursa figs to get the best taste. Many retailers sell the fruit in loose trays as well as in 4 or 6 fruit punnets. Buying the loose fruit is by far the best way to ensure good eating quality: look for black, almost fully coloured fruit and detect, by gentle pressure of fingers, a velverty softness to the skin. These fruit will be delicious, but will not have much shelf-life: eat within a couple of days (they can be stored in the fridge to give an extra day or two of life). Bursa figs in punnets can only be selected on visual appearance: avoid fruit with significant areas of pale or green skin, fruit which will probably be slightly hard and limited in flavour.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

The Turkish Bursa season is the best opportunity of the year for consumers to enjoy delicious, reasonably priced fresh figs in good volumes.

Sweet, sumptuous, luxurious.

Names: Bursa; Black Bursa; Bursa Siyahi


Grown in:  Turkey; Israel. The Turkish growing area is Bursa Province; the town of Akköy being an important centre.
In Israel, the Lower Galilee area is important for Bursa figs.

Harvest & Availability:  Supplies of Bursa to UK are as follows:

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