Ronde de Bordeaux – Baby Fig


Baby figs, such as Ronde de Bordeaux, have been pioneered as a product by South African growers for M&S. They are an excellent way to snack on figs as each is bite-sized, and, being fully mature, though small, are packed with delicious flavour.

Ronde de Bordeaux is the main variety being used in South Africa, and is wonderfully tasty and succulent when fully mature: a small, round, almost black, fig with sweet, red flesh, quite similar to the larger Evita fig. It is an early-fruiting variety: a bifere-type with a weak breba crop, and has good resistance to cold conditions.

Figs should be fully coloured for maximum flavour and sweetness: an attractive, velvety dark purple. There should be a minimum of light-coloured areas as these indicate slight immaturity. Don’t buy any figs that look dull or have brown or grey lesions on the skin.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

Ronde de Bordeaux will be irresistible to anyone who enjoys fresh figs.

Tiny, juicy, sweet

Names: Ronde de Bordeaux; Ficus carica ‘Ronde de Bordeaux’.

Origin: Ronde de Bordeaux is named after the Atlantic port in France where it first became well-known.

Grown in: France, USA, South Africa

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