Evita is a small to medium sized black fig with a slightly flattened shape. When at peak maturity it is a very sweet fig, with a good balance of acids to enhance the flavour.

Evita is always sold in a punnet, so cannot be selected: avoid punnets with fruit showing light colouration as these are likely to be immature and tasteless.

Occasionally, in UK, small sized Evita are sold as ‘baby’ figs.

Evita is the main fig produced in South Africa.

 Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Evita is a lovely fig for the winter season.

Sweet, jammy, succulent.

Names: Evita, Parisian, Barnistotte, Violette de Sollies.

Origin: Evita originated in France, from Sollies Pont, where it is called Violette de Sollies in the AOC-designated area.

Grown in: South Africa, France

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in South Africa: late January to mid-May:

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