Arra 27


Arra 27 is a black seedless grape with an slightly elongate shape. The colour is a deep black-purple and the berry size is medium to large. On biting, the skin offers some resistance and a slight crunch on chewing, but with minor or no bitterness. The flesh is a clear whitish-green, very sweet and generally crisp and juicy.

Although described as seedless, there is a vestigial seed in the berry which is generally not noticeable on chewing. However, from some growing regions this vestigial seed can be slightly more prominent and occasionally detectable in the mouth. As such, it is nothing like a fully developed seed, but some retailers take the precaution of describing the variety as ‘seeded’.

Arra 27 is described as a mid to late season, black seedless grape.

Good Fruit Guide: ****

This is a very attractive black grape, which is effectively seedless with excellent levels of sweetness and a satisfying texture. Due to its vestigal seeds, the variety may find commercial success hard to acheive.

Names: Arratwentyseven; Arra 27

Origin: Arra 27 is a product of Grapa Varieties Ltd, Israel. Arratwentyseven is the registered name of the variety.

Grown In: Israel, Egypt

Harvest & Availability:

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  • June:                 Egypt
  • July:                  Egypt
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