Sweet Joy


Sweet Joy is a black seedless table grape. The skin colouration is densely uniform ebony black. The berries are of medium to large in size and have an ellipsoid, rugby ball shape. Depending on the origin, the skin is often very thin, almost unnoticed when biting, but remains intact in the mouth during chewing, though offers no astringency. The flesh is firm, not crispy, being almost soft. Sweet Joy is a low acid grape with high levels of sweetness and a neutral flavour.

Sweet Joy is a mid-late season grape.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Sweet Joy is a very pleasant, easy-eating sweet grape, with a slightly unusual mouth-feel due to the thin skin.

Black, thin skin, sweet.

Names: Sweet Joy®; IFG Seventeen; IFG 040-244.

Origin: Sweet Joy is a variety from the stable of International Fruit Genetics, California.

Grown in: South Africa, California, Australia

Harvest & Availability: In California, harvest normally takes place in September, just before Autumn Royal. UK sales are from the following countries of origin:

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  • February: South Africa
  • March: South Africa
  • April: South Africa
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