Candy Hearts (IFG 19)


Candy Hearts are a seedless red grape. The berries are medium to large in size and round to slightly elongate in shape (broad ellipsoid). The berry colour is a pale purple-red which may cover the whole fruit, but is often a pink-red, or partially red with the rest of the fruit being a pale yellow-green. The flesh colour is pale green, while the texture is quite soft and juicy. The flavour is dominated by sweetness, but with a subtle fragrance of Muscat effects and an attractive acid balance. The skin is easy to bite, has very minor bitterness and is not particularly noticeable on chewing.

Candy Hearts are a mid-to-late season variety. In particularly hot conditions, paler coloured berries are produced.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

Candy Hearts are lovely grapes with good, but not dominant sweetness, and a subtle flavour resulting in a very attractive eating experience.

Muscat flavour, sweet, delicious.

Names: Candy Hearts; IFG Nineteen; IFG 106-228; PLU3499; USPP0271973 P1

Origin: Candy Hearts is a product of the grape breeding programme at International Fruit Genetics, California. It is the result hybridisation between Princess x A2798 (an unnamed variety from University of Arkansas). The variety name is IFG Nineteen, with Candy Hearts being the registered marketing name. The US Plant Patent was granted in September 2015.

Grown in: Spain; California, Chile, South Africa.

Harvest & Availability:

  • January: South Africa
  • February: South Africa, Chile
  • March: Chile
  • April:
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
  • August: Spain
  • September: Spain
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:


Candy Hearts – IFG

IFG Nineteen – US Plant Patent