Grapes – July, wk 27

Grapes have not been front-of-mind lately, partially due to very mixed sourcing due to change of seasons, but also because of so much happening with other summer fruit types such as Asian mangoes, berries, melons and stone fruit.

As the main supplying country gradually switches to Egypt, and as early varieties from there, with their green tanginess, pass through the system, things are changing. Egypt is a relative new-comer to the world of exported table grapes, so variety choice has been restricted, but this is changing fast as the growers expand and experiment. Many of the varieties have been main stream sweet n’ crisp types, but as they appear in stores, look out for newer varieties such as: black grapes Sable, Sweet Surrender and Melody; and red grapes Sweet Celebration and Timco.

Soon, we will also be getting grapes from Spain and Italy, both of which started harvest last month.


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