Winter Wonder


Winter Wonder is a bi-coloured apple with a rusty red blush. To most people its appearance is of a traditional ‘English’ apple, being of a squat shape (flat-round), often slightly off-set, with a slightly rough skin of a green-yellow background colour. There is often a sprinkling of prominent lenticels on the skin, as well as some stem-end russeting extending to the cheeks. The flesh, which oxidises quickly, is a creamy-green colour and is distinctly firm with quite a hard bite. Often, the skin can be felt while chewing and can have a slightly dry or astringent effect. The flavour is the most significant aspect of Winter Wonder: quite complex, with good sweetness and a clear acidity to add balance.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Winter Wonder will appeal to consumers who like a distinct acid tang in apples, as well as firm, dense flesh.

Tangy, firm, tasty.

Names: Winter Wonder

Origin: Winter Wonder is thought to be a natural sport of Suntan, discovered in the late 1970’s by Dan Neuteboom in Suffolk, England. The name was registered by Dan Neuteboom, and the variety is generally sold by Waitrose supermarkets and on farmer’s markets.

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