Tommy Atkin


Tommy Atkin is a common mango and popular due to its attractive appearance and long storage capability. The flavour is mild and can be good, but is often unexceptional, with the flesh having a slight degree of fibre.

Tommy Atkin is an early to mid-season variety, so doesn’t achieve the size of fellow Florida varieties, Kent and Keitt. However, although it has a reputation for mild flavour, a good Tommy Atkins is better than an average Kent or Keitt.

It is a thick skinned fruit with juicy but firm evenly coloured deep yellow / orange flesh.

The peel is has a green / yellow background colour, usually with an extensive area of deep attractive red colouration.

There is a medium-sized stone.


Grown in: Most mango areas grow Tommy Atkins

Harvest & Availability:
Brazil: October to January
Ecuador: November to early February
Israel: late July

For marketing in Europe:
Early August to October: from Israel


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