SweeTango (Minneiska)


SweeTango® is a new early ripening bi-coloured apple. It has creamy flesh which is crisp and juicy, especially for such an early variety. The flavour is said by some to have an ‘autumn spiciness’, slightly tart, but well-balanced with sweetness. The skin colour is 70-95% deep-red over yellow-green skin background.

SweeTango® (MN 1914) is a new apple variety seen to have great potential by the Chilean industry.

The storage life of SweeTango® is relatively short at about 4 months.

Origin: SweeTango® is a cross between the Honeycrisp and Zestar varieties. SweeTango® is the brand name of the Minneiska variety, a cultivar developed at the University of Minnesota, Horticultural Research Center, near Victoria, Minn., by a team led by Dr David Bedford, head of apple breeding at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s AppleHouse. The commercial launch of SweeTango® was in 2009. The exclusive sales rights to the SweeTango tree in USA have been sold to Pepin Heights Orchard.

In Chile the variety will be handled under a club format with exporters Copefrut, Unifrutti, Frusan, Lafrut and San Clemente now in the testing stages (2011).

Grown in: Minnesota, Michigan, New York state, Washington state, USA; Nova Scotia, Quebec, Canada.

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in Minnesota is in late August / early September.