Sweet Jubilee (IFG05)

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Sweet Jubilee is a seeded black grape. The berries are medium to large in size with an oval-elongate shape. The berry colour is a deep purple-black, often with attractive striations evident. The flesh colour is a translucent pale green, while the texture is firm and reasonably crisp. Sweetness is high, while the flavour is moderate with slight acidic undertone, sometimes slightly ‘watery’. The skin is easy to bite, has very slight bitterness and is only slightly noticeable on chewing, while each berry may have a small seed which is easy enough move aside in the mouth.

Sweet Jubilee is an alternative to Red Globe seeded grapes. It is a mid-season grape, harvested two weeks earlier than Red Globe. It is attractive to growers for high yield, good storage and large berries.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Sweet Jubilee maybe preferable to consumers who like sweetness with a slight acid balance to their fruit and don’t mind the odd seed: often sold at good values due to presence of seeds.

Names: Sweet Jubilee; IFG Five; IFG 093-242; USPP23398P3

Origin: Sweet Jubilee® is a product of the International Fruit Genetics breeding programme. It is a cross between Red Globe and Summer Royal which was performed in May, 2001. It was first asexually propagated by hardwood cuttings in December, 2003 near Delano, Kern County, California. The resulting propagules were planted in April, 2004 and found to reproduce true-to-type. The US plant patent for IFG Five was granted in February, 2013.

Grown in: California, Chile, Brazil, Spain

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in California is in late August;

  • January:
  • February:
  • March: Chile
  • April: Chile
  • May: Brazil
  • June: Brazil
  • July:
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  • September: Brazil, Spain
  • October: Brazil
  • November: Brazil
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1 review for Sweet Jubilee (IFG05)

  1. Mark Mathews

    They are trash, I dont like them at all. They taste tariable.
    Here is a picture of the Grapes I got: https://02ip.ru/2AKAF6.jpeg

    • Nick Ball

      Hi Mark,
      Sweet Jubilee can be very good. Perhaps you were unlucky and had a poor quality sample.

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