Arra 14-1 (Mystic Bloom)


Arra 14-1 (marketing name: Mystic Bloom) is a seedless black grape (not to be confused with Arra 14, a seedless red grape).  It is elliptoid in shape and has a medium to large berry size. The colour of mature berries is a deep ebony black (officially described as dark red violet), while a reddish-purple, or a purple tinge around stem-end, denotes a slight immaturity. Generally, the skin has a good heavy bloom.

There is minimal flavour in Arra 14-1, but it has good levels of sweetness, occasionally with a slight acidic tanginess. Mature berries are very juicy, particularly from the centre as it is bitten through. The skin is quite thin with minor resistance but with some mouth-feel, and there is a limited astringency released on chewing. The flesh is slightly crisp, with a combination of skin and flesh give a moderately crisp sensation on eating.

Berries that are not fully coloured, perhaps with paler purple colouration around the stem-end, have sweetness levels that may not be particularly impressive.

Arra 14-1 is a mid-season black seedless grape.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Arra 14-1 is an attractive black seedless grape with large berries, particularly noted for high levels of juice.

Very juicy, large berries, sweet.

Names: Arra 14-1; Arra Fourteenone; Arrafourteenone; Mystic Bloom; USPP 22450 (supermarkets often call Arra 14-1, Arra 14)

Origin: Arra 14-1 is the product of deliberate cross breeding of two parent plants, the female parent GZR1 seedless x the male parent GAR5, conducted in the late 1990’s.  The breeding was undertaken by Agricultural Research & Development Ltd of Edison, California. The progeny was transplanted in Bakersfield in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California. Asexual propagation was proven by 2009 and the US plant patent was  granted in March 2010. The marketing rights are held by Grapa Varieties Ltd, who use the name Mystic Bloom™ for sales of Arra 14-1.

Grown in: Namibia, South Africa, USA

Harvest & Availability: Harvest at end July in Central Joaquim Valley, California

  • January: Namibia, South Africa
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  • December: Namibia, South Africa


Arra 14-1 – Grapaes

Arrafourteenone – US Plant Patent


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