Malling Centenary

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Malling Centenary is a mid-early season variety. It typically has large berries which are a regular conical shape. The colour is an attractive orange/red. The fruit attains good levels of sweetness and juice with a firm texture which is not crunchy.

Growers are attracted to the variety due to its berry size, productivity and ease of harvest from the upright plants and presentation of the berries to harvest workers. Malling Centenary is widely regarded as a replacement for Elsanta as the industry standard variety.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Malling Centenary is well adapted to UK growing conditions and is reliable for its sweetness and attractive texture.

Sweet, large-berried, mid-early

Names: Malling CentenaryTM

Origin: Malling Centenary was bred by the East Malling Strawberry Breeding Club at NIAB EMR, UK. It was released for commercial production in 2012.

Grown in: UK

Harvest & Availability: Malling Centenary is generally ready for harvest about 4 days before Elsanta.

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