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Raspberries are berry fruit from a bramble-type plant produced on woody canes.

The plant is a perennial.

There are summer-fruiting and autumn-fruiting types.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

The best raspberries have the most wonderful flavour with lovely balance of sweetness, acidity and juiciness.

Names: Raspberry; Rubus idaeobatus sp.; Rubus idaeus sp.; Vinum Raspeys; Raspoie

Varieties: Sold in UK supermarkets:

  • Traditional varieties with good sweet/acid balance: Lochness, Loch Tay, Glen Ample
  • New, sweet or firm varieties: Driscoll Maravilla; BerryGem; BerryJewel; Diamond Jubilee

Origin: Possibly evolving as a species in Eastern Asia, but spreading to Northern Europe, raspberry wild plants were eventually cultivated in Britain in the 17th century. Breeding of improved varieties took place in Hungary in the 18th century from where they were transfered across Europe. In the UK, East Malling Research Station and the Scottish Crop Research Institute have been responsible for breeding mamy of the modern varieties in use today.

Grown in: Temporate regions with good rainfall.

Harvest & Availability:

  • January: South Africa
  • February: South Africa, Spain, Morocco, Portgugal
  • March: South Africa, Spain, Morocco, Portgugal
  • April: Spain, Morocco, Portgugal
  • May: Spain, Morocco, Portgugal, UK
  • June: UK
  • July: UK
  • August: UK
  • September: UK
  • October: Spain, Morocco, Portgugal, UK
  • November: Spain, Morocco, Portgugal
  • December: South Africa