Sentennial is a very late season cherry variety.  The berry is medium to large in size, kidney-shaped, and a dark wine red in colour. The flesh is red and firm to hard in texture.  This is a ‘meaty’ cherry with excellent sweetness, though flavour is perhaps not as vibrant as one would expect.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Sentennial is a beautiful looking fruit and has good eating qualities, though not as vibrant as main-season varieties.

Fleshy, sweet, late season.

Names: Sentennial™; SPC 103; SPC 103 – 13S-21-23; USPP26645 P2

Origin: SPC 103 is an open-pollinated seedling of Sweetheart, first propogated in 1984.  It is a product of the long-standing cherry breeding programme at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Center, Summerland, BC, Canada. The variety was first selected in 1991 by W. D. Lane and R. MacDonald.  The variety was released for commercial testing in 2006.  Sentennial™ is the registered marketing name for SPC 103: PBR and agreement are required with the Pacific Agri-Food Research Center for production and sale.  The US Plant Patent was granted in April 2016.

Grown in: UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand

Harvest & Availability: Sentennial™ is harvested 29 days after Van and Bing, and 10+ days after Sweetheart.  In Summerland, it is harvested in 2nd week of August.

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Canadian Journal of Plant ScienceSentennial™

Summerland varietiesSentennial™


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