Sequoia (Glen Red)


Sequoia cherries are a group of early varieties that have been developed in California. They are firm, sweet and crisp with a dark red colouration, and are often first on the market, depending on growing conditions. Sequoia is a significant improvement on traditional early cherries which tend to be soft, slightly tart, watery and prone to cracking.
SEQUOIA® is a registered trade name.

Origin: The Sequoia name has been predominantly used for marketing a patented variety called Glenred (others are Glen Rock, and Glenoia).  Glenred is the result of crosses of Bing, Brooks and Tulare cherries in the 1990’s by Bradford Genetics in Le Grand, California for Warmerdam Packing LLC. Released in 2006, licences to grow Sequoia cherries have been issued to growers in Washington, Chile and South Africa. These varieties have a low chill requirement which allows them to be grown in warmer locations than would traditionally be possible.

Grown in: Sequoia are predominantly grown in California and Washington states, but licences have been issued to growers in Chile and South Africa.

Harvest & Availability: Available from California in late April, often a few days before Brooks. Glen Rock follows Glen Red, and then Glenoia is about a week after Glen Red. Available from Stemilt in Washington in early June.
May: from California, USA
November: from Australia
Late November: from Chile