Salustiana is a medium sized ‘blonde’ orange with very tender, melting fine flesh and high juice content. The peel is finely pebbled and of medium thickness, being quite easy to remove, though sometimes it can break easily. The Salustiana is pleasant to eat, with good sweetness, lots of juice and a mild flavour, though can be a little acid if picked at the wrong time.

Salustianas are a mid-season fruit which can be left on the tree for 2-3 months without noticeable quality deterioration, though they are prone to softness.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Salustiana will be attractive to consumers who enjoy a mild orange with high juice content.

Juicy, mild, fine texture

Names: Salustiana

Origin: Salustiana was discovered as a limb sport of Comuna (one of the oldest ‘blonde’ oranges of the Mediterranean region) which was then propagated and released in 1950 from Valencia Province, Spain.

Grown in: Most Salustianas are grown in Spain, with good volumes in Morocco and Argentina.

Harvest & Availability: In Spain, Salustianas are ready for harvest in December, but are generally marketed from January.

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