Rojo Brilliante


Rojo Brilliante is a persimmon variety with a distinct elongated dome-shape and a wonderfully smooth, bright orange exterior. It can have the astringency removed by carbon dioxide treatment, and is therefore delicious when eaten firm or soft, peel on or peel off. High levels of sweetness and flavour and a thin skin make this a very attractive variety.

Quality: Rojo Brilliante will be presented in various shades of peel colour by retailers. However, lighter orange or yellow-orange peel indicates less maturity. This isn’t a problem if you leave them in the fruit bowl for a while, but at the beginning of the season is likely to result in slow softening and a rather bland eating experience. Better to choose the fruit with a good, uniform orange peel, if not a little reddish-orange for the best taste.

Traditionally, persimmons are eaten in a soft jelly-like state in the Mediterranean.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Consumers will enjoy Rojo Brilliante for its mild flavour and good levels of sweetness.

Sweet, tasty, versatile.

Origin: Spain. The variety was first discovered growing in Valencia region more than 50 years ago and is thought to have developed naturally from the conventional persimmon varieties that were introduced into eastern Spain. 

Grown in: Spain, Italy. Most Rojo Brillante persimmon are grown in Spain. It is mainly grown in the Valencia region, although the acreage has expanded in Murcia, Huelva and other provinces.

Persimon® is the trademarked name for the PDO-certified fruit from the Ribera del Xúquer region near Valencia. In 2014-15 season,  90,000T of fruit were marketed from the region, of which 46,000T were certified PDO Kaki Ribera del Xúquer.

Harvest & Availability: Rojo Brilliante has a slightly later harvest that Tipo in Italy. From Valencia, fruit is naturally mature by mid-October (early harvested fruit can be artificially matured with Ethrel, but condition and flavour can be adversely affected):

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