Robijn is an early bi-coloured apple that is ready for harvest in Europe in mid-August. The fruit is a blocky shape with a strong red striation overlaying a pale-yellow background, not easy to distinguish from other bi-coloured varieties. The white-yellow flesh has a decent texture, being fairly hard and crisp with slight tendency to softness. The taste is noticeable for a good acid balance and mild sweetness, some saying that it is more like Elstar than Jonagold.

Growers are attracted to Robijn because it is heavy cropper and stores well, unlike many early varieties (such as Discovery).

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Consumers will be interested in Robijn as a firm, early season apple with pleasant eating qualities.

Early, firm, pleasant.

Names: Robijn; Robin;

Origin: Robijn is a natural clone of Jonagold Decosta. The variety is owned by Verbeek, a propagator in Holland. ┬áIt was first noticed in 2003 in a plot of Jonagold trees by the nursery’s late founder, Janus Verbeek and, after extensive trials, was released for commercial planting in 2010.

Grown in: UK, Holland, Belgium

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