Driscoll Maravilla


Driscoll Maravilla is a relatively recent variety that is becoming increasingly popular with growers and supermarkets alike. The berries are firm, consistent, quite large and have a good shelf-life. The flavour is not the strongest, but is attractive and there is a good sugar / acid balance. The fruit will appeal to many consumers, though not necessarily those that enjoy the strong raspberry flavour and acidic edge of the more traditional varieties (see Glen Lyon and Glen Ample).

Both the primocane and floricane crops are high yielding, which adds to the attraction for growers. The berry is also easily separated from its receptacle during harvest, thus reducing damage due to rough handling.

Ripening & Quality: When purchasing Driscoll Maravilla raspberries, the berries should appear firm with no juice or signs of collapse.

Origin: Bred in Watsonville, California in 1998 by Driscoll Strawberry Association.

The US patent was granted in May 2004.

Grown in: California, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, UK, South Africa

Harvest: In California, primocane harvest is between early July and late October, while floricane production is between mid May and late July.

Availability in UK:

January: South Africa

February: South Africa

March: South Africa

April: South Africa, Spain, Morocco

May: Spain, Portugal, Morocco

June: UK, Spain, Portugal