Mandared is a seedless ‘blood’ mandarin, the first such mandarin to have significant red pigmentation of the segments. The fruit is of medium to large size for a mandarin and has an ovate shape. The peel is a rich orange colour when mature, occasionally with a red pigmentation, and is quite thick, though very easy to peel. The segments are soft and juicy, with a lovely flavour imparted by the Tarocco parentage. Acids are naturally quite high, so the first-picked fruit will be tart (early February marketing), but good balance will be achieved once the season gets going. The red pigmentation of the segments gets more pronounced as the fruit matures.

Mandared is a late season variety, and fruit sold in late January/early February is likely to have high acids.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Mandared is a wonderful late mandarin with its soft, flavoursome, red-tinted segments, though can be quite tangy, especially in early February.

Soft, flavoursome, pigmented

Names: Mandared®; Mandarossa.

Origin: Mandared is a triploid hybrid variety, the product of a cross between Nules, a clementine and Tarocco, a blood orange. The work was carried out in 1985 by Giuseppe Reforgiato Recupero, Giuseppe Russo and Santo Recupero for the CRA-ACM in Acireale (east coast of Sicily), which holds the patent to the variety (granted 2004). Mandared® is a trade-marked name.

Grown in: Sicily

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in Sicily is generally from February to end March.

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