Tacle (Red Tacle)

Tacle is a hybrid mandarin of exceptional eating quality, mostly due to it’s parentage including a Tarocco orange. The appearance of the fruit is equally impressive with a smooth, slightly pebbled peel, which is very easy to remove. The shape is similar to Clemenules, though sometimes with a small ‘neck’. Red Tacle is a seedless version of Tacle with a dark orange appearance and red pigmentation of the flesh caused by the presence of anthocyanins.

Tacle trees can be quite thorny, which affects the harvest, though this can be mitigated to an extent through pruning and tree-shaping techniques.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Tacle is a lovely, easy-peeling mandarin with exceptional eating qualities.

Sweet, easy-peeling, red pigmentation.

Names: Tacle; Red Tacle; A146 triploid Tacle; A146 triploid Red Tacle; US Plant Patent 2008/01898.13 P1

Origin: Developed by A. Starrentino at the Agricultural Research Institute, Acireale, Sicily. Tacle is a cross between Monreal clementine x Tarocco orange. The first trees were planted in Palazzelli (Lentini) Italy in 1983 and the first fruit were harvested in 1989. In 1994, a triploid mutation, Red Tacle, emerged which is more stable and not influenced by cross-pollination. The US plant Patent was granted in August 2008.

Grown in: Sicily, Italy.

Harvest & Availability:

January: Sicily











December: Sicily


US Plant PatentTacle


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