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Hanepoot are medium sized, round-berried, seeded, green grapes. The shape is sometimes a little irregular and the surface of the skin can have a slight brown speckle, which may be associated with sweetness. The skin, which is smooth, almost waxy, offers slight resistance to the bite, but is otherwise unobtrusive. The flesh is quite soft and very sweet, offering a delicious muscat flavour when at its best.

The variety is generally used for making wine, but it is famedfor its sweetness as a table grape in the main country of production, South Africa.

Names: Hanepoot, Muscat of Alexandria


Origin: NorthAfrica, in the time of the ancient Egyptians, who used it for making wine.

Grown In: As a table grape: South Africa

Harvest & Availability: Hanepoot is not a variety that is exported as a table grape, so would not be sold in UK.

January: South Africa

February: South Africa

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  1. Johann de Vries

    A very sweet grape. Eat this grape lightly chilled dessert to take best advantage of the refreshing fruitiness and full flavoured berry. It is a pity the that Hanepoot is grown in so few places world wide

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