Fuerte is a green-skinned avocado. It is a classic pear-shaped fruit with a delicious flavour that is distinctive and ‘clean’. The skin is thin, but quite hard to peel unless the fruit is properly ripe. The skin does not go black on ripening, instead, the firmness of the fruit is the key indicator of readiness-to-eat: some softening and ‘give’ must be evident. The skin also becomes duller with darker spots as the avocado ripens. Fuerte stores quite well, so has good availability from each country of origin. The flesh of Fuerte is often fairly light in colour and has a deliciously creamy texture.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Fuerte is a wonderful avocado variety that will satisfy anyone with an interest in the finer qualities of different varieties.

Green-skin, light, refreshing.

Names: Fuerte; Persea americana var. drymifolia x P. nubigena var. guatamalensis

Origin: Fuerte was developed by Mr Henry Dalton near Los Angeles, California, in 1848.

Grown in: Most avocado production areas include Fuerte in the variety mix. Traditionally, Fuerte has been the favoured variety of production in South Africa and is still preferred to Hass on the domestic market.

Harvest & Availability: General origins for Fuerte in the UK are as follows:

  • January: Spain
  • February: Israel
  • March: Israel
  • April: Peru, South Africa
  • May: Peru, South Africa, Kenya
  • June: Peru, South Africa, Kenya
  • July: South Africa
  • August: South Africa
  • September:
  • October:
  • November: Spain
  • December: Spain


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