Ryan is a medium to large sized avocado. It has green skin, which is tough, fairly thick and slightly rough. The fruit shape is pyriform or egg-shaped. It resembles Hass, but remains green on ripening. The flesh is tasty with a good flavour.

Ryan is a late-maturing variety and is often available when other varieties have finished their season. The variety is very cold resistant. It has previously been know for inconsistent quality, but improved budwood has improved the performance of the variety.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Ryan is a decent option from late-season production.

Green-skin, tasty, large stone.

Names: Ryan; Summer Fuerte.

Origin: The Ryan variety was originated by Albert Rideout at Rideout Heights, Whittier, California in 1927. It was propagated and originally sold under the name Summer Fuerte. In the 1930’s, the property was purchased by Edward Ryan, who changed the variety name to Ryan, which was eventually recognised by the Variety Committee. Ryan is a Mexican x Guatemalan hybrid.

Grown in: South Africa, California.

Harvest & Availability: Most supplies to UK come from South Africa where harvest is in August / September from Limpopo Province, and October from KwaZulu-Natal.

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