A pear-shaped, green-skinned avocado. The skin is quite thin, smooth with very slight nobbling, remains green as the fruit ripens and is easy to remove. Bacon is an early to mid season variety. The pale light yellow-green flesh is good quality and has a fine, light flavour: some contend that the later season flavour is superior to that of Hass and certainly the flavour improves as the oil content develops through the season. It is also said to be more consistent in internal quality than other varieties. Bacon has quite a large stone, leaving a good sized cavity when halved.

Bacon is a popular variety in cooler growing regions as the tree can withstand minor frosts in winter. However, although Bacon is a fine avocado variety, it is relatively delicate, so the more robust Hass is usually preferred by the industry.

Ripening: When ripe, the fruit yields to gentle pressure. There may also be a slight darkening of the green skin.

Origin: Developed in 1954 by James Bacon.

Grown in: California; Spain

Harvest & Availability: In California: available late autumn to spring from California. Marketing periods in Europe:
October: from Spain