Early Windsor (Alkmene)


Early Windsor is a bi-coloured apple with a squat shape. The red striations are of a relatively pale hue and the back ground colour is green to pale yellow. Often, there is russet around the stalk cavity. The texture is generally firm, sometimes a little soft, while the eating sensation has a definite strong hint of acid with good juice, a decent sweetness and a strong flavour.

Early Windsor is an early-mid season variety.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Early Windsor will be attractive to anyone with a taste for a good tangy apple.

Tangy, flavourseome, firm.

Names: Alkmene, Early Windsor

Origin: Alkmene was developed at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institue, Germany, in the 1930’s. It is the result of a cross between Duchess of Oldenburg x Cox’s Orange Pippin.  The variety was introduced to UK in the 1960’s.  Early Windsor is the marketing name given to the variety in UK.

Grown in: Germany, UK

Harvest & Availability:  In UK, Early Windsor is generally harvested in early September, slightly before Cox.

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